Put a stop to outdoor burning

Put a stop to outdoor burning

Letter by Cathy Baiton, printed in the Calgary Herald (calgaryherald.com)  Letters, May 10, 2016

Re: “Beast’ rekindles memories of Chisholm’s 2001 blaze,” May 7.  [The online edition of the article is entitled: “Battling a fierce beast – Wildfire may be the most intense on record”*]

This article highlights some important connections between increasingly warm temperatures, climate change and the growing risk of fires.

Along with bans, public awareness is important.

Blazes can spread rapidly, the article explains, both in a forest environment and within communities.

As the writer notes, homes can ignite “because of small, airborne embers from the main fire igniting the bushes, fences and sheds next to the main residence.”

Wouldn’t it be wise for every town and city council to implement protective measures similar to the current province-wide ban?

Where houses are close together, outdoor solid fuel burning poses unacceptable, needless risks to health and safety. Why are hazardous, polluting and unnecessary wood fires permitted in any residential area, at any time?