Outdoor burning ban will help clear the air

Outdoor burning ban will help clear the air

Letter by Cathy Baiton, printed in The Barrie Examiner (thebarrieexaminer.com)  Letters – November 20, 2012

(Re: ‘Outdoor ban snuffed’ in the Nov. 14 edition of the Examiner)

As one of the growing number of Canadians concerned about the problem of residential wood burning, I hope that Barrie city council will continue to work toward a ban on outdoor wood-burning devices.

Such a ban would help to protect clean air and public health in Barrie.

It could also help encourage other city governments to meet the same progressive standard, in those municipalities that have not yet banned the outdated and unnecessary practice of outdoor wood burning in neighbourhoods.

In any community, all people should be able to breathe clean, smoke-free air in their own homes and in their own backyards.

A bylaw should ensure this right, rather than permitting a recreational activity that produces harmful air pollution.