Wood smoke pollution is a health issue

Image source: Wikimedia Commons - Photo by  Robert Aleck, www.cynexia.com

Image source: Wikimedia Commons: “This photo illustrates smoke in a pub, a common complaint for those concerned with passive smoking.” – Photo by Robert Aleck

Wood smoke pollution is a health issue

Letter by Robert Smith, printed in the Lethbridge Herald (lethbridgeherald.com) Letters – December 4, 2010

It appears that D. Pushor (Lethbridge Herald, Nov. 24) is trying to hijack the debate about residential wood smoke pollution by reframing it as a climate-change issue.

It is a public health issue, just like smoking.

Present laws prohibit smoking even near the entrance to public buildings, yet there is no protection for the vulnerable against neighbourhood wood smoke. There is something wrong with this picture. Both types of smoke are harmful.

As for car exhaust, I have never smelled it in my living room. But I have often smelled local wood smoke there, sometimes for days at a time, and I do worry about its long-term effect on my health.

Robert Smith, Lethbridge