City needs a clean-air policy

Clearly, organizations like the Alberta Lung Association must start doing a much better job of informing the public, including decision-makers, about the harmful impacts of particulate matter and outdoor air pollution, which are both Group 1 carcinogens.

End the Silence, Stop the Smoke

Lung Associations need to protect clean air for all, not the wood-burning industry. It’s time for change, because breathing clean air is a human right. Video (Music InShot free music: Moscow Rain [by FUGUE]; Musician: Marco Lazovic:

Beyond Time for Change: When will the Canadian Lung Association become true to both its name and stated purpose?

According to the most recent report made to Charity Intelligence Canada, full-time employees of the Canadian Lung Association receive an average compensation of $98,711 annually.

Regarding the growing and very serious problem of wood-burning pollution: with its over $1.7 million a year in donations, and its amassed reserve funds of $2.1 million, how can the Canadian Lung Association do better?